Important Conference Registration Fee Changes

Dear SCFMA members,
The SCFMA Executive Board met on Thursday February 10 and voted to increase the 2015 conference registration dues from $200 to $225 for members for the Spring conference and from $225 - $250 for non-members. We will have an additional increase of $25 for the 2016 member registration dues, the member dues will be $250 and non-members $300. The increase was approved to help ensure that we continue to maintain quality training and to better prepare for upcoming changes to the ICC certification.
Beginning January 2015, important changes to the ICC Continuing Education renewal process will go into effect. These changes are part of a three year program which began in April 2014, to strengthen the credibility of the ICC Certification program.
The changes beginning in January include:
20% of CEUs must be earned from training by ICC or ICC's Preferred Provider Network (PPN), a group of individuals and companies approved by ICC to provide quality code-related training.

Important Reminders for Upcoming Spring Conference

With the 2015 Spring Conference just around the corner, we'd like to remind you of several items.

  • 2015 is an election year. If you have a desire to run for office, please get your letter of intent to Scott Keely as soon as possible so that we can post your intent on the Website.
  • Each year, the Association recognizes individuals as Fire Marshal of the Year and the Thomas E. Forrester, Jr. Meritorious Service Award. Each of these awards has to be applied and accepted by the Association. Visit the Awards link to read about each of these and to download the application. Submit your application by the indicated deadline.

To all Building Codes stakeholders

At its August 27, 2014, meeting, the South Carolina Building Codes Council voted to begin the adoption process for the 2015 iCode series and the 2014 National Electrical Code. Pursuant to South Carolina Code of Regulations 8-246, the Council must, at its first meeting of the year coinciding with the new building code cycle, appoint a Study Committee. In compliance with that regulation, the Council will, at its February 25, 2015, meeting, appoint the Study Committee and alternates for a three-year term.

Download Letter

Mr. Donny Phipps elected Director at Large

Please join me in congratulating Mr. Donny Phipps as he has been elected as Director at Large to the ICC Board of Directors. Mr Phipps has been involved with building codes and inspections for the past 38 years.

Request for speaking time during SCFMA conferences

The SCFMA Board respectfully request that any member that desires to address the SCFMA during any future conference provide a request in writing to the Director of Education, Ben Bunting, and provide an agenda of what the address will contain. The board encourages member participation and that constructive information be shared amongst the members. The Fall and Spring conference both provides each of us the unique opportunity to network and share ideas, policy changes and questions. This request is being made to insure that adequate time is provided for both the training curriculum and the member who wishes to address the Association. Thanks in advance for your support.

Fire Marshal Rules and Regulations Changes

The published FM Rules and Regs changes that are going out to the State Legislature for adoption. These are being offered for evaluation and comment. Please download your copy by clicking on the TITLE link above.

Sprinkler Training PowerPoint

An electronic download of the Sprinkler presentation that Ralph Foster presented at the Fall Conference is available for download via the 'Training' tab.

Learning Partner Scholarship

As a learning partner with Columbia Southern University, members and employees of your company or organization receive a 10 percent tuition discount via the partnership program. To enhance this great offer, CSU is now offering a special scholarship for learning partners only! Click the TITLE link to read more about the program.

SC FALSE Live Demonstrations

The South Carolina Fire & Life Safety Education Association was created with the goal of providing a forum for anyone interested in helping to reduce injuries and heighten awareness of safety issues that affect us all. Public education is perhaps the most proactive approach to helping our state realize that safety is everyone's responsibility. Our association is committed to spreading the message. To set up a live fire demonstration in your county, contact Diane Woods at (803) 370-1988 or by email at

Click the TITLE link to redirect to SC FALSE Website.

Sprinkler Presentation

Sprinkler Presentation

Here is the sprinkler presentation that Patrick Bradshaw presented at the Fall Conference. Right mouse click on the link and click on "save target as..." You'll need an unzipping program such as Winzip to unzip the file. If you have any problems, please contact the System Administrator at

USFA to Issue CEUs for Coffee Break Training Volumes

Students who need continuing education units (CEUs) to maintain professional certification in fire prevention and code enforcement now can obtain them from the United States Fire Administrations NFAOnline, the National Fire Academys website for distance and online learning. To learn more about this, follow this link.

What is Fire Team USA?

Fire Team USA is a special day and a half informational training conference on fire protection and your community. Fire Team USA is about bringing resources to help you enhance the fire protection that your community offers. Creating partnerships in the community and working with all stakeholders is important to improving the public policy on fire protection. All you have to do is coordinate your team, sign up, and show up! Click here to read more about Fire Team USA.